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  • MB Good Luck Symbol Oracle 1 15

    MB good luck symbol oracle generates a good luck symbol for your everyday. They are supposed to be your belief and perception in keeping away evil and attaining happiness. luck is something everyone believes in at some
  • Touch Wood 1.0

    Need some luck? Touch Wood on your desktop! It's woodware, luckware, funware and above all it's freeware. Touch Wood is your virtual good luck companion. Whenever you feel the need to celebrate good news or pray for
  • MB Sabian Symbols Oracle 1.0

    Now you can easily find solutions of your problems by using self explanatory software MB Sabian symbols oracle. It has user friendly interface that is very easy to sue for everyone. It features Sabian symbol and each
  • Ball Breaker 1.0

    Ball Breaker is an interesting arcade games for free. Ball breaker, the green bonus will extend your platform, the yellow one makes it stinky and the blue will give you more point. Use your mouse to control everything
  • FrameEDIT -

    When doing character animation it's not uncommon to have a symbol that contains all the elements of the head and face, and many animators will nest the facial animation within this symbol. When you double-click a
  • Monster Mover 1.0

    Get good monsters into the portal, while killing bad monster shapes. Guide the good monsters to the portals by strategically removing blocks. Clear platforms and swings. Have funs good
  • Architect Small Block PC TrueType Font 1.0

    Architect Small Block PC TrueType Font This hand crafted font was designed for architect, blueprint and drawing use. Small font sizes have good contrast and are very easy to read. Larger font sizes create
  • Sweethearts 3D Screensaver 1.0

    Love plays a very important part in people's lives, and if you love someone, it is good to have some symbol for your love. This should preferably be something that you can see frequently in order to keep reminding you of
  • Pragma PocketVT (Symbol 2846) 1

    Pragma PocketVT (symbol 2846) allows you to connect your hand to the SSH and telnet server.It is running on the winows mobile/Pocket pc/CE system.Pragma PocketVT (symbol 9000) has a good looking
  • Pragma PocketVT (Symbol 9000) 1

    Pragma PocketVT (symbol 9000) allows you to connect your hand to the SSH and telnet server.It is running on the winows mobile/Pocket pc/CE system.Pragma PocketVT (symbol 9000) has a good looking
  • DB Elephant MSSQL to Oracle Converter 1.1

    MSSQL to oracle Converter is a most accurate MSSQL to oracle Converter to convert the whole MSSQL database or any of its parts. It supports different data types and attributes. MSSQL to oracle Converter is good at
  • OraPiper 1.00

    OraPiper is a useful tool for oracle pipes working. Using OraPiper you can obtain a monitoring of any oracle pipe you've chosen. An also you can send a messages through oracle pipes. OraPiper is designed for oracle
  • Golden Vault 5 19.0

    The Golden Vault is a game of luck based on the bank and bullion theme. In normal play the Gold Bullion symbol is the wild card, but will not substitute the scattered Gold dollar symbols. Each scattered dollar symbol
  • Mario Game: Mario vs Team17 1.0

    Object of this game is to destroy the bad games and collect the good ones to scrore points, but avoid doing it the other way around or you might lose points. There's a one minute time limit, so do your best and good
  • Hit The Eye 1.0

    Do you have good aim and a fast trigger finger. If so then you will want to test your sniper shooting skills in the Hit The Eye flash shooting game. Take aim, hit the targets and keep your gun loaded to get the highest
  • Lucky Winner DSPP 1.0

    Win Games with lucky Winner DSPP for WIN/MAC! Get good luck and Win Any Game with lucky Winner DSPP! Try the demo then buy. WIN/MAC Stop thinking "I can't win" and develop a WINNERS attitude with lucky Winner DSPP.
  • Click the Frog 1.0

    Click the Frog new funny skill game where you must show your reaction. Follow the task in each level and do the different operations by clicking the frogs in various ways. All you need is a mouse, mouse skills and a
  • Pokie Magic: Crazy Fruit 6 Reels 18.270608

    There are 13 different symbols, which pay on each of the paylines if a payline is active. The Grapes symbol is a scatter symbol, which will pay in any position on any line. The Tropical Fruit symbol is a wildcard which
  • Team Line Tower 1.0

    A new Team Line tower war : - Without Air - Many towers and monsters - 5 teams of 2 players - Mazing is more important - A very good and strategic map - and more... And now.... good luck and have fun Category: Other
  • New Anim Clip -

    This is an automated version of "the Pringle". It creates a new empty symbol registered to the stage and the symbol is open for editing in place. A requestor pops up asking for the new Layer name, the new symbol name,
  • Mahjong Daily 1.0 1.0

    It doesn t matter if you don t understand mahjong or if you are quite good at it, and no matter how much you know about mahjong, the only thing you have to master is that you need to have a keen sight that you can pick
  • Schema Version Control for Oracle (SVCO) 1.0.0

    It's the integrated version control solution for oracle database server schema objects! You can track all schema objects changes direct within oracle database. No extra version control tool is required. You can go on and
  • Tiles of The Simpsons

    Tiles of The Simpsons is an interesting puzzle game for free. Click groups of the Simpson icons on the tiles to make them disappear, which are at least two with him. When you good, they left no picture and you go away.
  • Quick Pic 1.0

    Take a good look at the pictures. Remember them! When they are closed find the pairs. The further you come the less time you will have. If you find all the pairs in a round without making any mistakes you will receive
  • Oracle PHP Generator 7.4

    oracle PHP Generator is a freeware but powerful oracle GUI frontend that enables you to generate high-quality oracle PHP scripts for the selected tables, views and queries for the further working with these objects
  • Recovery for Oracle 2.2.0921

    Recovery for oracle is a comprehensive tool designed to recover data from damaged oracle databases and backups. Special wizard-style interface gives users more control over the recovery process. Recovery for oracle
  • Sonswish - Oracle database browser 1.33

    Sonswish oracle database browser is the Windows based graphical tool for database navigation, data updating, exploring, table relationships checking or validating oracle database. Sonswish is an intuitive oracle
  • Oracle OCP Practice Tests 5.0

    These products are based on oracle's published objectives for the OCP certification. Full objectives for all of the OCP certification requirements can be found at oracle's web site. About the OCP Certification The
  • Network Data Simulator

    This small application is designed to test various setups across networks. It can send data to a specified IP address and port.No installation required, simply just run the executable and you are good to go.This
  • PasswordFail Extension 0.4

    Many websites stores our passwords in clear text. This is a practice which is unnecessary and dangerous. By using this extension, the icon will pop up when you visit a known site that violates good Privacy practices.